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Upper Arm Reduction/Lift

Upper Arm Lift 
One area of the body that people are uncomfortable with, especially women, is the upper arm. Our Phoenix plastic surgeon, Dr. John Bass understands that the excess fat and skin is problematic when wearing certain clothing. Women want to have smaller, more shapely upper arms. With several decades of experience, our team can help you achieve a more proportional, aesthetically looking upper arm by performing the Upper Arm Lift, aka, Brachioplasty

Even with regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet, it can be extremely difficult to rid of the excess skin around the upper arm.  The fullness of the upper arm is almost impossible to target, even with arm exercises.  It is common to liposuction the upper arm fat in conjunction with the arm lift to reduce the circumference and get a more balanced size.   This reduces the amount of excess skin and improves the appearance of the arms.

The Upper Arm Lift, arm reduction or brachioplasty surgery reduces the amount of loose skin of the upper arm.  Depending on the amount of excess fat in your upper arm, liposuction may be performed. Dr. Bass correctly places the incision to minimize visibility from the front or back of the upper arm.  Placement mimics where the seam on the sleeve of any garment that someone wears.  Post-operative compressive sleeves will be worn for three weeks to help support the area during healing.  For patients with excess lateral chest wall skin Phoenix Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Bass combines an axillary lift to provide a uniform, sleek contour.   The upper arm lift surgery achieves the re-contour and re-shape to create a smaller, smoother, more toned upper arm.  In addition, many women are completing the arms by addressing the excess skin of the forearm.  Performing a forearm lift Dr. Bass is creating a uniform contour to the entire arm.  For your consultation with Dr. Bass please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602-485-1010.


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