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Hairline Lowering

Browlift / Forehead / Hairline Lowering
A browlift – also known as a forehead lift—can be an excellent option for improving the appearance of low eyebrows as well as relieving heavy upper eyelids, frown lines and various concerns of the upper face including an exaggerated forehead. With Dr. Bass’ specialized approach to facial harmony the brows can be repositioned and balanced, as well as performing a hairline advancement to give the face its more aesthetically proportioned, youthful appearance.

Patients having cosmetic injections of neuro-modulators, (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) to eliminate forehead lines begin to experience heavy brows/upper eyelids as these muscles relax. This is a good time to discuss the brow procedure options. Dr. Bass offers several innovative approaches to the brow lift, enabling him to employ the most effective option based on the patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals.

As both men and women age or because of heredity, the tissue in our face can “drop” or “fall” with time, which causes a tired, angry appearance around the eyes. Many patients assume it is only their upper eyelids that are too heavy. But the position of the brow is very closely interrelated with the upper eyelids appearance. By correcting the position of the brow/forehead heaviness Dr Bass creates a youthful, naturally balanced upper face.

An excessively high hairline as well as a too small of a forehead causes an imbalance to facial beauty and proportion. Dr. Bass handles each concern with selective techniques. A hairline lowering procedure advances the scalp forward to lower the hairline. While appropriate placement of scalp incision placement is used to give length to the too small forehead. All of Dr. Bass’ forehead procedures create a younger, pleasing balance to the face. For your consultation with Dr. Bass please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602-485- 1010.


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