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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery
Most people associate breast surgery with enhancement or implants to make breast larger. However, many women are choosing to have their breast to reduced. If you experience chronic back pain or neck pain as a result of overlarge breast, a breast reduction may help to alleviate your symptoms. At John W Bass M.D., Plastic Surgery we offer breast reduction surgery in Phoenix to produce smaller, natural-looking results that reduce pain and improve the overall balance of your shape.

Our top priority is helping our patients feel more comfortable both physically and emotionally. We understand that large breast can cause significant physical discomfort and even impact your confidence. Breast reduction is a procedure that makes the breast size, shape and projection smaller and lightens the weight that you carry on a daily basis. This often helps to relieve back, shoulder and neck issues.

If you have been thinking about undergoing surgery to reduce the size of your breast, we can meet with you to determine if this procedure is right for your individual goals. We can also discuss how performing this surgery also incorporates lifting the breast creating a smaller, shapelier size. No matter what concerns you have, our caring, board-certified Phoenix plastic surgeon is here to address them. Please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602- 485-1010 to schedule your consultation.


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