John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic Surgery

State of the Practice – 2023

Greetings to all!
I wanted to reach out and reconnect with everyone. It may have been years or weeks since I’ve seen you. I wanted to give you an update on what the Practice has been through over the past few years and what is in store for the future. Where to begin…….???

– Covid 2020 –
January started out like a typical year. Holiday photos prompted patients to come in for face and body procedures. Many were scheduling their cases in February, March, and April, eager to be ready for spring/summer travels. And then it happened!!

As the spread of the Covid pandemic increased, there were restrictions on non-essential businesses. For us, the physical office was closed from mid-March to the end of May 2020. (of course, I definitely have considered plastic surgery essential, haha!) That lead to us providing care to our patients in a new way.

Like many businesses, we went Virtual- seeing both new clients as well as follow-up patients on Zoom. Once the restrictions were lifted to reopen the office, we faced another hurdle. In early June, most surgery centers were closed to elective surgeries as the space was needed as overflow beds for hospitals. Then finally as covid cases began decreasing, surgery centers started releasing time for my cases that had been on hold and we started scheduling new cases. Very interesting times!!

– After Covid –
As surgery centers opened up again towards the end of 2020, there was a new trend in what brought patients into the office. Like the holiday photos in the past, patients that worked from home via Zoom, started seeing themselves in real time. This began a surge in not only Botox and filler treatments but in all facial procedures. This included eyelid lifts, brow/forehead lifts, cheek/neck lifts. Full face Co2 Skin Resurfacing became the most popular procedure that I performed in 2021. Patients said the laser procedure was the best “bang for the buck” due to its lifting and tightening results, and correction of skin discoloration.

 – 2022 –
I am happy to report that 2021 and 2022 were very busy years for my practice. With everyone starting to make travel plans, the body procedures were in an uptick. Tummy tucks, the Corsetplasty, and liposuction helped ready patients for their vacations. Another popular procedure was for patients with 10-20+ year old breast implants. Patients are seeking a slimmer look with a desire to downsize and have a breast lift. Cheek/neck lifts remained popular with both male and female clients as well as the Co2 laser procedure.

– 2023 –
What’s in store for the future?
I started my practice in July 1989. This year I will be celebrating 34 years as a board-certified plastic surgeon. The world of plastic/aesthetic surgery is always evolving. The evolution of plastic surgery is always in motion. This includes new procedures, techniques, machines, lasers, etc: many of which overpromise and underdeliver. I evaluate the science behind the claims and frequently trial new technologies. My philosophy has always been that I offer my patients procedures that achieve predictable, quality results.

As my practice has aged, my patients have also turned a few years older. To continue practicing at a high level and maintain my long-term staff of Norma Homco, RN and Theresa Green, we have reduced our work week to Monday through Thursday, 8:00am – 4:00pm. This will sustain the practice for 5 more years. I will be 70 at the end of that time. I enjoy performing your surgeries and I always enjoy seeing each one of you at your follow-up visits. Thank you for all for being part of the JWB family.

Let’s all have a great year! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the office.

– Dr. Bass

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