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Facial Implants

Facial Implant
Cheek and chin implants are frequently for male facial rejuvenation to define a stronger, more masculine appearance. Respectively, the cheek and chin implants restore mid face volume and strengthen the chin. Each implant plays a role in creating a balance to the anterior facial view as well as to the lateral profile view. Dr. John Bass frequently corrects a deficit in either area giving patients a more pleasing appearance, which in turn leads to increased self- confidence.

There are various factors that affect facial volume:  age, weight loss, genetics, trauma.  The cheek implants provide underlying bony strength and fullness to the mid- face.  As a side benefit, the restored volume helps to support the mid face skin, giving balance to the mid-face and gives the nose a smaller, more proportional appearance.  The chin implant creates more depth and definition to the jawline, balancing the lower face and improving the profile.   If there is a combination of fullness under the chin consistent with excess fat, Dr. John Bass will reduce the fat at the same time to complete the profile improvement.

When patients are nervous about implant placement it is recommended to do soft tissue fillers to see the type of improvement that can be achieved on a permanent basis with the implant.  The next step would be to move to a longer lasting solution by using the cheek and/or chin implant.    For your consultation with Dr. Bass please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602-485-1010.


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