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The Male Face
As cosmetic surgery has become more commonplace men are addressing their skin laxity that occurs with aging. Typically, it is the area of the neck that bothers them. They will see this in photographs as well as notice the laxity of this area when they shave on a daily basis. At John W. Bass M.D. Plastic Surgery, the male face is approached differently than the female face. The goal is for a natural appearing correction that will address specific concerns and restore facial definition and confidence

For most men the area of the neck is the main concern.  During the consultation, Dr. John Bass simulates how lifting the neck affects the total uniformity of the face.  Frequently the neck lift addresses it all.  For those with heavy jowls as well as the neck laxity the lower face will be included to achieve desired lower face contour.

It is socially accepted that a man can carry a heavier look than a woman and maintain a distinguished appearance.  Continuing to evaluate the male face, some men present with hooded upper eyelids and excess fullness of the lower eyelid.  These areas are addressed with conservative lid lifts to rid the excess without feminizing the masculine face.

This evaluation approach provides a man with a more youthful look without giving him a surgical procedure type of appearance.

The male face is rich with blood flow as evidenced by the rate of daily facial hair growth.  For that reason, Dr. John Bass approaches facial surgery with respect and care to minimize swelling and bruising during the recovery period.  Incisions are well hidden even with the shortest hairstyles.  The procedures are performed under anesthesia at an outpatient surgery facility, and routinely kept overnight to allow for easy recovery from anesthesia.  Patients see the swelling reduce in one week and return to moderate lifestyle activity at about 10 days.  For your consultation with Dr. Bass please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602-485-1010.


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