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Chin Implant / Jawline Surgery
Are you interested in boosting your confidence by enhancing your jawline, all without changing your overall appearance and features? Our Phoenix plastic surgeon, Dr. John Bass, has more than 30 years of experience using plastic surgery and injectable fillers to produce an impressive chin. We have helped men of all ages enhance their appearance and look years younger just with jaw augmentation.

Since there are several different types of procedures to enhance your jawline, we will need to discuss your goals and which method is right for you. Jawline injections are fillers made of hyaluronic acid and are more affordable, typically costing several hundred dollars per treatment. However, injections are not permanent, which means you will likely need further injections to maintain.

Jaw implant surgery is permanent, and, as a cosmetic procedure, your insurance isn’t likely to cover the expense. The exact cost of chin implant surgery depends on whether you are getting custom implants or standard implants. There is also the possibility to decide whether you are combining jawline enhancement with other surgeries.

Having a more prominent jawline can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. Jawline augmentation surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other types of facial surgery, such as chin or cheek implants. Our experienced Phoenix plastic surgeon has a great eye for the male face and works to ensure that your jawline enhancement exceeds your expectation. For your consultation with Dr. Bass please complete the Request a Consultation form or call 602-485-1010.

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