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Liposuction Procedures
Liposuction, also referred to as Body Sculpting, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among both men and women performed by Dr. John Bass. This is not a form of weight-loss, but a body contouring procedure to rid of stubborn, localized pockets of fat which have not responded to consistent exercise and a healthy diet.

Liposuction can treat many different areas of the body removing pockets of stubborn and non-responsive fat.  Common areas for liposuction are:

  •     - Under Chin/neck
  •     - Upper Arms
  •     - Axilla
  •     - Midriff
  •     - Flanks
  •     - Abdomen and waist
  •     - Inner Thighs
  •     - Outer Thighs
  •     - Buttocks
  •     - Inner Knees

At John W. Bass, M.D. Plastic Surgery we are prepared to meet with you and establish a personalized surgical plan to help you achieve the body shape you want.  Having realistic expectations and goals, in addition to being physically and psychologically healthy creates an ideal candidate for this procedure.   There are two types of fat cells in the body.  The first type responds quickly to any weight change.  The other, the diet resistant fat cells persist regardless of how thin the patient can be.  During the consultation we identify which areas can respond nicely to liposuction.  We review how much fat is in an area of concern and how much can safely be removed.  Liposuction plastic surgery works to make your body look slimmer and more contoured.

There are several methods of performing liposuction.  Using a combination of Tumescent Liposuction with Power-Assisted Liposuction, Dr. Bass is able to sculpt your body into its best aesthetic shape and contour.   Performed safely and comfortably at an Outpatient Surgery Center, a small tube (cannula), which connects to a suction pump, is inserted through tiny incision round the targeted areas.   The suction removes the fat between your skin and muscle improving your body’s form.  Following surgery, you will be wearing a compressive garment for several weeks to aid in optimal surgical results.  Maintaining your weight at or below your 6-week post- operative weight, the improvement achieved through liposuction will be maintained.  For patients that have too much extra skin in a given area, a tummy tuck, arm lift, or thigh lift is generally recommended for a firmer, sleeker result.  Our Phoenix plastic surgeon has more than 30 years of experience and is committed to providing you with an experience that leads to natural, desirable results.

We understand that working out regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not always enough to rid unwanted fat from your body.  Call us now at (602) 485-1010  or complete for Request a Consultation form to make an appointment to discuss liposuction treatments.


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