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Don’t skimp on the SunScreen. Sun protection is essential.

We have been lucky to have had beautiful spring weather while awaiting the summer heat and sun—and as we become more active outdoors it’s time to start protecting our skin. Over this past year many of my patients have been treated for skin cancers on their faces, near their eyes and noses, their chest/back as well as their arms and lower legs. If there are any suspicious spots on your face/body and difficult to get into your dermatologist for a skin check, please come in and Dr Bass can evaluate. Our Mesoaesthetic’s Sun Screen products with SPF ranging from 50 to 100 give wonderful protection for the face ears and neck.


Get ready for tight, smooth, spot free skin.

A surgery without any incisions, the Ultrapulse CO2 Resurfacing Laser tightens your skin from forehead/hairline down the face to mid neck. This laser is for the face only and the results last 10-15 years! As the laser beam touches the skin it tightens, it lifts off sun damage and repairs the texture. Imagine your upper face and eyes looking more opened, wrinkles around your eyes-gone, the skin of your face tightened and smoothed, your jawline more defined. The Ultrapulse CO2 laser has again been one of my most popular procedures this past year either as a stand alone procedure or in conjunction with a browlift or facelift. Sometimes being done to just tighten skin before it looks like a lift is needed. Nothing turns the clock back like the results of the Ultrapulse Co2 laser. Call and schedule your consultation with Dr Bass and see if you are a candidate for this amazing procedure.


Bring your body back into balance!

Downsizing the breast is the trend for 2024. Going from a D-DD or larger to a Full B or C is all the rage.
As women age many develop larger breast. And if they had implants earlier in life, they are even larger than anticipated. Now very heavy busted, many women are coming in and having the implants removed or exchanging implants to a smaller size, and adding a breast lift or breast reduction is requested to restore the perkiness and size that fits their frames. Come in to discuss your options with Dr Bass and you can be swimsuit ready before you know it.


What is next after Ozempic? Manjaro?

Congratulations to those who are losing weight or achieved their desired weight goal! Many of you are now wondering what to do with the excess skin. There is a procedure for each area of concern: cheek and neck =facelift, arms = arm lifts, tummy=tummy tuck or corsetplasty, breast = reduction, and the list goes on. Some procedures can be combined, limiting combo-procedures to length of time. Our patients that have had surgery are amazed at their new size and happy for their before and after surgery photos to be shared.

When is the right time to do the surgery? Planning is an important step in this process. Dr Bass will do a thorough exam and have a discussion with you to plan what area to address based on your concerns. Consultations are Monday through Thursday, 8:00am – 4:00pm.


Small but Mighty!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can do so much. It certainly applies to the world of beauty and plastic surgery. If you look in the mirror, do a little lifting and say “if only a little lift here and there” it may be just that easy. Many men and women who are just not ready for a surgery but would like to look “refreshed” are continuing to turn to Botox to smooth out unwanted lines on their forehead, between their eyebrows, around the outer eyes.

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