Liposuction Provides A Great Solution For Women With “Bra Fat” Bulge Problems

November 11th, 2010

Let’s face it ladies—A bra should only bulge in two locations.  Any additional fullness, bulging or overlapping is definitely unwanted.  But you are not alone! This is a common patient complaint in my practice.  The most common areas are just above the “cup” towards the under arm or the additional upper back “fullness” that is ever present in dresses and blouses. Additional areas of complaint involve the fullness on the side of the chest – you know it, the areas that bulge over the top of the bra band and then lastly, extend back towards the underarm above the level of the bra strap. We commonly call all this “bra fat.”

Luckily, all of these areas respond very well to a quick and easy, one- time treatment of tumescent style liposuction. Treatment for these areas are commonly added to other surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, with or without augmentation, and breast reduction; But they also may be addresses separately. This procedure completes the process of providing my patients with the new and improved bust-line that they desire without any distracting bulges. Please feel free to contact Theresa or Norma should your bra bulge in any of the above mentioned areas. We can take care of it so that you bulge in only the right places!

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