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“Wall of Thanks”!

Wall of ThanksSometimes a smile on the face or a polite “thank you” just does not express enough the joy and happiness one encompasses when their self-esteem has been restored or lifted.

Dr. Bass and his STAFF are convinced they have the best “friends” in the world, and the following kind words from our “Wall of Thanks” are just a few reasons we believe so…

Dear Dr. Bass,

I never really felt like a caterpillar, and I certainly am not a butterfly, but I want you to know how much I appreciate my refreshed and more youthful look and the “miracle” of not having those large, rope-like scars behind my ears.

Many, many thanks,
Bonnie K.

Dr. Bass & Staff,

Being 80 is wonderful! I look in the mirror and have no wrinkles. Thanks to you, Dr. Bass. I have the look that I want. Norma thanks again for coming to the Biltmore surgical and Recovery Care center to be with me before the procedure. You are a very special lady and a true gem. Thanks for the cookies.


Lucille B.

Dear Dr. Bass,

THANK YOU! To you and your staff for the excellent care. Your kind and gentle manner is greatly appreciated. You don’t know how much of a positive impact your care makes on the lives of your patients.


Dear Dr. Bass, Theresa, and Norma,

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you all so much for the way you have treated me. Us with all the insurance. Your kindness and professionalism are dearly appreciated. Theresa, you have gone above and beyond with helping us with all the insurance. I truly won’t know where we would be without your help. Dr. Bass, you held my hand (literally) through this entire process and made me feel safe and always comfortable. Thank you for the collaborative effort at making this patient so happy.

Tori K.

Dear Dr. Bass,

Thank you for my new body!!! I am so happy and have you to thanks! I truly appreciated your professionalism too! You did such a great job and I am still in shock over my results! Thank you for being the master of the scalpel!

Julie H.

Dear Norma,

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and for being my shoulder! I am so grateful to have met you and truly appreciate your willingness and kind-heartedness! Thank you for everything.

Julie H.

Dr. Bass, Norma, Theresa,

I wanted to thank you all for the experience I had at your office.


Dr. Bass,

Thank you for the wonderful and amazing work that you did for me. I am very happy with my breast augmentation!! And I am still adjusting to having such a great “chest.” It’s a lot of fun buying bras and clothes now and seeing how they fit so well. Thank you for all you did for me before, during, and after surgery. Our expertise in answering questions and your professional compassionate manner were much appreciated through it all. Thank you, Norma, for all your help walking me through all the steps involved in the procedure and for being available for questions any time.

You were wonderful and very easy to discuss things with as well as informative and encouraging. Thank you, Theresa, for always greeting me cheerfully and with a bottle of water. You were always so kind and complimentary. Thank you all, for all you did for me and for making the whole process more comfortable for me and with such a great outcome.

Deanne H.
p.s. I also really appreciated the photo book of before and after pictures.

Dear Dr. Bass and Norma:

I really want to THANK YOU!! For the fabulous job you both did on me! I love every thing about it; you have made me so happy! Dr. Bass, I can’t thank you enough, I am confident again, and it was worth it. And like Arnold would say: “I’ll be back”!!!

Paulina E.

Dr. Bass:

I would like to take a minute to thank you for making my wife more beautiful than I would have imagined. When she told me just over a year ago that she was going to have a “brow lift” I told her that it was a waste of time and money. In my eyes, she was perfect the way she was. Once it became clear just how much she wanted it, I agreed t support her decision. Well a year later, she is the most beautiful lady I know. On top of that, she feels sooo much better about herself, that it is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, she looks much younger, and is full of life. I want to thank you again for my “new”wife, she looks great.

Michael J. S.

Dear Dr. Bass, Norma and Theresa,

Thank you for much for getting me in for surgery the day after my consultation. I am pleased with the results already knowing you all listened and that the “B” cup will be well-suited for my frame.
The facility was great…so efficient, kind and caring…so glad we went with the silicone!

Jan Z.

Dr. Bass,

I cannot express enough how grateful I am. I look FABULOUS!!! Thanks for taking 10 years off my face. I enjoy working for you and appreciate everything you and do for me.

Thanks again,
Theresa G.

Dear Dr. Bass,

You are an artist. You gave me the figure I always wanted…Thank you!! Thank you for being patient with me after surgery. I am so happy with the results of the augmentation. See you in August for my 3rd month check up.

Rebecca B.

Aloha Dr. Bass, Norma and Theresa,

Joe and I are having a blast! We’ve been making the most out of every day and the weather has been absolutely beautiful! My brother couldn’t believe how fantastic we both looked and wants to know our secret but so far we’re making him suffer! Love you guys!

Karen and Joe G.

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for all of your kindness and assistance over the lat couple months! I always look forward to coming to your office because everyone is always so friendly. Thank you again!

Julie H.

You are simply the Best!

God has given you an extraordinary gift; I am so thankful to be acquainted with you. You and your family, Norma, and Theresa, have been in my family’s prayers.

Thank you,
Ed B.

Dear Norma,

I have been remiss in my correspondence but PLEASE KNOW how grateful I am to you for including me in your Sunday session of high-tech surgical processes! I am grateful to you beyond measure. It is consistently a delight to work with you and the others on your team. Your enthusiasm and genuine interest are a great gift to me and I’m sure to all of us lucky enough to have your help!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Shirley M.

Aloha Dr. Bass, Norma and Theresa!

Hope this finds all of you happy and healthy in 2008! I’m not sure how people get addicted to procedures, but I can relate to being addicted to spending time with such an amazing team! We want to thank you for making us feel so comfortable and taking such good care of us—you made what could have been an awkward situation enjoyable and fun. That takes talent! I ended up moving to Hawaii with Rond…she needed a chauffeur, maid and shopping partner.

I don’t start work for another month so I’m soliciting visitors. You are always welcome in our home and we’d love to show you around this beautiful island! If we don’t get to see you in Hawaii we’ll most likely see you in the office…our mom is ready for you to work your magic! Thank you again for everything.

God bless,
Elesha and Lorenda B.

Dr. John W. Bass,

Thank you for being the incredibly phenomenal person you are. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the time and energy you spent in making my surgery completely painless and smooth. Your attention to detail and perfectionism is beautiful. I feel so incredibly wonderful and beautiful and I thank you for allowing a shift of thinking. Think BIG, Dream BIGGER. I am referring all who are looking for beauty enhancements to you. Thank you with all my heart.

Erin Hope B.

Dr. Bass, Norma and Staff—

Thank you all for everything you have dome for me! You and your staff have always been so kind and supportive. I am very pleased with the results and have trust in you all! Again thanks you!

Amy O.

Dear Dr. Bass,

Thanks so very much for your treatment of me while in your care. Your skill and expertise of doing my eyes and my breast turned out great results. I am very happy and pleased. Thanks for your kindness and friendliness.

Love and Respect,
Jessie R.

Dear Dr. Bass,

It probably is without saying that you are a very skilled and personable doctor.
In the past year, I have sent 5 people to you who have had surgery and it is not only because of your skill but your staff as well. Both Theresa and Norma have treated not only me but everyone I have sent to you with the utmost respect and understanding. The office is always a pleasant experience with both of these women working there.

Each and every one of these patients plan on future surgeries because of their positive experience. I never hesitate to recommend you to my friends because I know they will not only be taken care of surgically but also know they will be taken care of by your staff also. In this city there are many plastic surgeons but I think you have unique office. One you should be very proud of.

Carole M.

Dear Dr. Bass,

Just want you to know how pleased I am with my results, at your very talented and caring hand. I’m so grateful. Thank you! You’re such a gifted surgeon. Can’t thank you enough for your beautiful work.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Dr. Bass, Norma and Teresa,

Thank you for placing me in such good hands. You are all so professional and yet know exactly how to make a patient feel at ease by making a joke or just laughing at something funny. What a great team!

Cheryl M.


Thank you for a good job, and your kindness.


Dear Dr. Bass, Norma and Teresa,

Just wanted to thank you for all of your kindness and say I am so sorry that I was so late when I came to my last appointment…I thought it was 2:30 PM, not 2:00 PM and was just mortified when I found out…I am so sorry! Thanks for being so good about it!

Liz C.

Dr. Bass,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about possible surgery to improve my looks! I had no idea what something like this costs, and on my income, it’s probably never going to happen!
I was telling a friend in church Sunday about my visit with you—she is a Doctor. She said possibly you might be involved in a program where it is called “special surgical residencies”? I guess that’s for doctors to practice these procedures under the supervision of doctors like you? I would be very open to let them “practice” on me—do you have anything like that available for low income people who need improvement? Is there something like that in Arizona? Thanks again for your time!

Jan D.

Dr. Bass,

I want to thank you for my “nice face.” I was so self-conscious of looking old—much older than I felt! You’ve restored my self-confidence. I really feel great!

Thank you,
Kay F.


I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all the information and time you have shared with me. I do plan to return although it obviously isn’t as soon as you probably expected. No, I didn’t get my hair done that day—I did, however, sell my houseboat that day, which was the priority! You are all so nice, and I will recommend you to everyone wanting to look more beautiful.

Barb C.

JB, Norma and Theresa,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers, love, prayers and support. Made my recovery so much easier.

Dottie O.
p.s. JB—thank you for taking the time to come and visit me.

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