Kathy’s Outside Now Matches How She Feels Inside

January 11th, 2012

Dr. John W. Bass:  actually, that says it all.  This compassionate genius with the exquisite skill, eye, and judgment of a superlative medical Michelangelo enhanced my life immeasurably.  Now, I match inside and out:  I look the way I feel.  I certainly didn’t after that 127 pound weight loss:  my face and arms didn’t fit!  Well, they don’t flap in the breeze now!  I actually recognize myself when I look in the mirror.  The astounding result is that I’ve been repeatedly cast to play characters 25 years my junior, and was actually turned down for a role for the stated reason that I look too young for the part (I nearly fell through the floor upon hearing that statement).  That’s an outstanding observation, from an overwhelmingly judgmental director, on the quality of Dr. Bass’s work!  Dr. John W. Bass:  no wonder his peers shower him with accolades!


Kathy Shedd, actress/singer/writer

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