Liposuction Female

Lipo (Male) – Case Study 1

34 year old patient, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 185 pounds. Patient always conscious of weight, worked out and lifted weights daily. Interested in achieving more defined pec, and waistline regions.

Areas of liposuction: Abdomen, flanks, chest. Preop waist 38, postop waist 34. Weight postop 189 pounds.

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Lipo (Male) – Case Study 2

42 yo. 5ft 10in. Wt.190 lbs. Pt. relocated from other state where he had liposuction of back waist area-flanks. Now at his lowest weight ever, he still not happy with results. He came to Dr. Bass for evaluation of chest & waistline area- abdomen and flank regions. Dr. Bass’ evaluation found him an excellent candidate for liposuction using ultrasonic technique. Patient very happy with results and continues to work-out to maintain his weight and results.

Facts: Preop waist size 36. Postop waist size 34. Postop and current Wt.170.

Rollover image to see the “before” state.reminder

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