Brachioplasty/Arm Lift

Upper Arm lift – Case Study 1

71 yo. Referred to Dr. Bass by R.N. in Yuma,Az. Patient is an active hiker, who works out regularly and is always busy about town. With this life style and the Yuma heat she complained of having to wear long sleeves to hide the loose skin of her upper arms. She had never thought that she would be having plastic surgery but between fashion styles what they are and Dr. Bass’ plan she knew it was the right thing to do.

Solution: Dr. Bass chose the upper arm lift also known as a brachioplasty. Patient had no excess fullness to the arms, only excess skin. Shown 4 months postop patient is very happy with results and is sporting new short sleeved and sleeveless wardrobe. ( 2 bracelets silver & jade)

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Upper Arm lift – Case Study 2

63 yo. Patient is first came to Dr. Bass in January 2008. A few years prior she had lost a significant amount of weight and and had several areas of concern. During original consultation with Dr. Bass, a three phased treatment plan was established. In this phase, the excess skin of the upper arms is being addressed.

Solution: A moderate amount of liposuction was performed on each upper arm region and then an upper arm lift completed the new shaping of this area. Shown 7 Months Postop patient is now able to enjoy all styles of jackets and blouse sleeves. (grey sports bra-before photo)

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Upper Arm Lift – Case Study 3

63 yo. Patients hairstylist referred her to Dr. Bass. Hairstylist had see other patients of Dr. Bass and felt comfortable referring her to him. Patient was concerned about the excess and fullness of upper arms and bra region. Dr. Bass felt these areas should be addressed at the same time.

Solution: Liposuction was performed on both the upper arms and “bra-fat” region. Re-sculpting was achieved to both areas by performing a brachioplasty/with a torso lift. Shown 4 Months post-op she is happy with results and back to traveling. /Wh. Bra Dark short hair before photo)on

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Upper Arm Lift – Case Study 4

69 yo. Patient, an R.N., has known Dr. Bass since 2004. After attending a few of his seminars she called for a consultation. One of her areas of concern was her upper arms. She felt they were out of proportion with the rest of her shape– too much excess skin. Dr. Bass also addressed the upper torso for a smooth contour.

Solution: Upper arm lift (brachioplasty) along with torso lift gave patient more proportionate arm shape and size. The torso lift eliminated the extra fullness on sides of bustline. Shown 3 Months postop, patient is more confident in her overall body shape and feels comfortable wearing loose and fitted sweaters, blouses and jackets. (Wh Bra. Blonde hair before photo)

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Upper Arm Lift – Case Study 5

32 yo. Young patient who was referred to Dr. Bass by dermatologist. Patient complained about stretch-mark scarring on underside of arms from previous skin condition. Hoping for solution to improve appearance of upper arms she contacted Dr. Bass. He felt that removal of the excess skin of the upper arms and the upper torso would eliminate a majority of the stretch marks and also give a more youthful contour to her arms/torso.

Solution: Dr. Bass performed an upper arm lift continuing down to the upper part of torso. Shown 10 Months postop, patient very happy with results of procedure. She is now wearing tank tops, sleeveless tops and feeling young again. (Wh. Bra Dark curly hair before photo.)

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Upper Arm Lift – Case Study 6

50 yo. Referred to Dr. Bass by two friends, patient decided to contact a plastic surgeon after losing significant amount of weight. Although patient still had desire to lose additional weight, she felt her upper arms were not reducing as favorably as the rest of her body. Dr. Bass confirmed that the laxity and fullness of her upper arms were out of proportion to her newly acquired body shape. Solution: After removing excess fullness of arms and upper chest wall via liposuction, Dr. Bass performed an upper arm lift. Shown 3 months post-op patient could focus on overall weight loss results and feel good about what she sees in mirror.

(showing head in both before & after photo)

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