Body Lifts

Buttock/Thigh Lift – Case Study 1

50yo. 5ft. 2in. Wt. 148lbs. Sent to Dr. Bass by R.N. at surgical center, this patient wanted to discuss options for tummy tuck revision she had by another doctor. During consultation it was noted that results could be improved on tummy tuck as Phase I of her treatment plan. She was also interested in addressing the loose skin of the gluteal and outer thigh region. She wanted a perkier, firmer buttock region and shapelier thighs. And, although Phase II was planned out it was not until a few years later that she had the second phase.

Solution: Phase I treatment was to do a repeat tummy tuck(abdominoplasty) and also do liposusction of flank and midriff to define her waistline. Phase II included liposuction of outer thigh, and buttock followed by an outer thigh/buttock lift. This phase completed a 360 degrees of waistline contouring. Patient recovered nicely and is enjoying the shape she has always wanted.

Shown 3 months postop. Now at 142 lbs. Preop size 12 Postop size 6.(wh. Bra/Wh.Bra)

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Abdomen/Thigh Lift – Case Study 2

55yo. 5ft. 4 in. Wt. 148lbs. Patient was referred to Dr. Bass by three separate previous patients. Her history was impressive, as she had gastric bypass surgery 2 years prior and has been maintaining her weight. With the weight-loss came the extra skin of the outer thigh and buttock region. Dr. Bass also suggested creating a gluteal area with more fullness in order to fill out the seats of her slacks/jeans. He also wanted to address the laxity of skin of the inner thigh region. This type of surgery is one of Dr. Bass’ favorite as the results are a “wow!”

Solution: Scheduled for surgery, Dr. Bass performed an inner thigh lift, a gluteal thigh lift and lateral thigh lift. Patient is exstatic with results and states that she now has a “shape.”

Shown 3 months postop. Wt. 142 lbs. Preop size 12 Post op size 8.(Blk.Bra/Blk. Bra)

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Abdomen/Buttock Lift – Case Study 3

58 yo. 5ft. 3in. 118 lbs. Referred to Dr. Bass by R.N. who has seen Dr. Bass’ patient results. Patient has always been self-conscious of her weight and physical shape, eating right and working out regularly. In spite of all her efforts, she complained of the laxity of her skin in buttock and outer thigh region.

Dr. Bass’ plan was to address the loose skin with a buttock/outer thigh lift and an abdominoplasty. Combination of those procedures has also been referred to as a body lift. Dr. Bass’ surgical results show that by lifting these areas results in skin that is tight and smooth. The buttocks are firmer and shapelier.

Shown 3 months postop. Wt. 115 lbs. Preop size 4, Postop size 2. Blk Bra/Wh Bra)

Rollover image to see the “before” state.reminder

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