Liposuction: The Solution for Those Love Handles That You Hate

October 12th, 2010

Love handles, the affectionate term given to those flabby rolls on your abdomen and back that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

Samantha Lynn Frazier, like many women, has them. But unlike most people, she’s actually glad to have them! See, Ms. Frazier was vacationing in Atlantic City when she was shot outside Herman’s Place bar. She awoke to find herself in the Regional Trauma Unit at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center where doctors informed her that it was those love handles that most likely saved her life.

While Samantha is now declaring that she wants to “be as big as [she] can if it’s going to stop a bullet”, you may not have the same sentiment about your love handles. It’s more than likely that on most days, you just see your love handles for what they are; unappealing rolls of skin that developed because a layer of subcutaneous fat formed over your lower abdominal area.

If you wish your love handles were gone, there is no easy way to get rid of those rolls. There are lots of lifestyle changes that you can try though:
· Aerobic exercise
· Cutting calories
· Reducing alcohol intake
· Avoiding salt
· Drinking water
· Building your upper body to create the illusion of a thinner lower body
· Performing dumbbell side bends
· Building lower back muscles
· Enduring endless crunches

Sound like a slow, tedious process? It is.

For fast, sure results, your best solution is liposuction. You are an ideal candidate for this procedure if lifestyle changes just aren’t working for you.

To reduce love handles with liposuction, local anesthesia is normally used. A cannula is inserted where the fat will be suctioned. Using the tumescent method of liposuction, the surgeon injects the patient with a solution that numbs the skin, swells the fat and prevents excessive bleeding. This method is commonly used because it allows for faster and easier suctioning. Swelling may linger for a few weeks.

For both men and women, liposuction is a great solution if you’re unhappy with your love handles. If you’re a man, you may be frustrated with them because they ruin the male ideal of a tapered torso. If you’re a woman, you may feel like your hourglass figure is destroyed by those fat deposits.

Unless you’re keeping around your love handles as a potential life saver for the next time you’re in the line of fire, please, contact us, and we’ll help you get the shape you really want.

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