All of the Beverly Hills Housewives have had Botox®. Get the same amazing results in Phoenix!

February 14th, 2011

Everywhere you turn these days, the Housewives of Beverly Hills seem to be in the news. Certainly it’s understandable considering they’re all stunning women. Asked about cosmetic procedures, they have fessed up:

  • Adrienne Maloof: Botox®, fillers, breast implants, nose job
  • Camille Grammer: Botox®, breast implants
  • Kim Richards: Botox®, breast implants (which were later removed)
  • Kyle Richards: Botox®, nose job
  • Lisa Vanderpump: Botox®
  • Taylor Armstrong: Botox®, lip filler, breast implants

Interviewed recently on The Judith Regan Show SIRIUS XM radio show, here’s what the Housewives of Beverly Hills are saying about Botox®:

  • Kim Richards: “I did a little Botox® at one point with my sister.”
  • Kyle Richards: “I have done Botox®. My husband doesn’t know, but he does now…”
  • Lisa Vanderpump: “I plead the fifth … Okay, I have a bucket of Botox® in my face!”
  • Taylor Armstrong: “Just start from the top, right? You should’ve seen what I looked like before – oh my God! I mean, scary! So yeah … filler [lips], Botox®” (She had Botox® on the first episode.)
  • Camille Grammer: “Oh God, what have I done? Let’s see, obviously I’ve had a breast augmentation and … Botox® absolutely — just a crock full of Botox®.”

Why is Botox® so popular with these ladies as well as women outside of Beverly Hills?

  1. A youthful appearance is something that almost everyone want
  2. Takes very little time to administer
  3. Requires no surgery
  4. Hardly any pain or discomfort during the procedure
  5. Results are quite effective
  6. No need for anesthesia
  7. Requires a very short recovery time
  8. Obvious improvements including smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin in just a few days
  9. Affordable – “pay as you go” rather than 1 big bill
  10. Compared to other options in the field of cosmetic surgery, Botox® presents a safe option
  11. Side effects are minimal
  12. Now a commonly accepted as a treatment for anti-ageing

If you’re convinced, call us at 602-485-1010 to schedule your appointment! And be sure to ask about our Tuesday $10 special – it’s a great way to  try out Botox®  and save at same time!

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