Common Questions About Aging & Plastic Surgery in Phoenix

June 10th, 2011

Dr. Bass loves the cutting edge field of plastic surgery because going through the process is often a life-altering experience for his patients. Because people are taking better and better care of themselves these days, they are able to live longer, more productive and more fulfilling lives. For that reason, it has become more important that people’s outward appearance projects the youth and vitality they feel inside. Knowing they are embarking on a life-changing procedure, it is natural that people have a lot of questions. Here is the type of question we get asked a lot with an answer from Dr. Bass.

Q: As I get up in years, I’m beginning to think about getting some work done on my body and face. Frankly, I’m tired of looking older than I feel! Plus, with all the beautiful people living in Arizona, it seems like there’s pressure from others to remain looking youthful. Sometimes I catch myself wondering if I would be more accepted in my circle of friends if I had less sagging skin, wrinkles and bulges. Is it wrong for me to be influenced by these outside pressures?

A: This is an excellent question because an important point I make to my patients is that if they go ahead with a plastic surgery procedure, it should NOT be because of how they believe others feel about them. If you decide to have plastic surgery, it should be rooted in your personal happiness, your health and your lifestyle.

For example, if we performed a tummy tuck for you, the results would be far greater than what your friends would see when you wear a bikini. You could have better posture, would be able to improve your core strength, your heart would have to work less because you would have less fatty tissue and you would enjoy more vitality in general. All of this may even contribute to your living a longer life!
Some people come to us because when they look in the mirror, they see an “older” woman or man because of their appearance. If we perform facial surgery on them, not only will these people no longer see the signs of aging when looking in the mirror, but they will also no longer define themselves as “older”.

Because self-perception determines a great extent of how people live their lives, getting plastic surgery often dramatically changes how people live their lives! People’s self-confidence improves and social interactions change. Surprisingly, others’ perceptions are often just an added bonus.

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